Kitchen Install

5 Day

An Appointment

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Cabinet Installation

Step 1

Cabinets are Installed

On the first day, our professional installers will begin installing your new kitchen cabinets.

Hardware Installation

Step 2

Hardware, Template Counters, & Trim are Installed

If needed, we will finish installing the cabinets and then begin with the hardware, template counters, and the trim.

Counter Top Preparation and Fabrication

Step 3

Countertops are Fabricated and Prepped

The countertops will be fabricated off-site and prepared for installation.

Countertop Installation

Step 4

Countertops & Sink are Installed

Your new countertops are delivered and installed along with your chosen sink. The holes for the faucet and soap dispensers will be drilled at this time.

Faucet and Appliance installation

Step 5

Faucet & Appliances are Installed

A licensed plumber and electrician will install all of the customer supplied appliances and faucet to achieve your new working kitchen.

Get Back to Cooking in Just 5 Days

Yes, you read that right. After you meet with our designer at the showroom, and we draw your kitchen based on your dimensions, you get to touch feel and see the cabinets, and once you decide to use Frugal Kitchens & Cabinets, your designer will meet you to get exact measurements and finalize quote and order your kitchen. After 2-5 weeks (depending on the manufacturer) your cabinets will arrive and we will begin the process of installing your new kitchen.

What to Expect

  • Top Quality Kitchen Cabinets

  • 3cm Granite Countertops

  • A New Sink - No Charge!

  • Professional Installation