How our process works we like to schedule an appointment at the showroom so that you can choose the cabinet style and color. We like you to bring rough measurements of the kitchen in so you can work with the designer to design the kitchen how you want it. During this process you will be able to choose different options, see your changes IMMEDIATELY, and get a feel of how your new kitchen will lay out. After the initial layout is done the designer will add moldings and decorative items to what you have chosen. We will then be able to show you a 3-D computer generated drawing so you can actually see what your kitchen will look like. You leave with quote and drawings. That means no waiting two weeks to see if you can afford your new kitchen.








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At frugal kitchens and cabinets that is one way we keep our costs down is to eliminate wasted time for both the customer and ourselves. After you review our quote people will then call us and tell us they would like to move forward we will then send out a person to do a laser measurement to make sure that we have exact measurements. This will be sent to the designer and they will make the adjustments on the initial design. The designer will meet with you and go over the entire project and any changes that you would like to make. That is all that’s needed to get you on your way to a new frugal kitchen.

Nobody gives you granite countertops in a one-low-price kitchen remodeling package

What they aren’t telling you at home improvement stores

Most of the large home centers slap on a premium price; from 30% to as much as 50%! The fact is granite is remarkably affordable. In addition, we have cultivated relationships with quality suppliers who price fairly, and take into account the volume of granite we purchase for our fixed-price kitchen remodeling.

You get a choice of colors and textures

A rule of thumb from interior decorators is that black, white and gray give your new kitchen a contemporary or high-tech look. Granite countertops in earth tones complement traditional and country kitchens. Our “Baltic Brown” or “Gallo St Cecilia” models will give you warmth. Or, the striking darker “Ubatuba Slab” or intense gray veins of “Giallo Vitoria” will add the modern feel you prefer.

  • Did you know that every piece of granite is unique? The veins, imbedded texture and color palette of one cut stone is different from any other.
  • They say that granite countertops have “movement”. Depending on the light, and the direction you’re looking at the stone, you pick up subtle colors, such as fine dapples of deep green in the “Baltic Brown” or the fine lines of burnt sienna in the “Gallo Vitoria”, which looks cleanly gray in other light. You can choose accent decorations that draw out these secondary colors, giving your designer kitchen an integrated feel.

Call us to make an appointment and see these stunning granite countertops options in our showrooms.

Our kitchen package includes a double sink that perfectly accents the color of your countertops. Decorators recommend stainless steel to off-set virtually any color of granite. Did we mention the sink is FREE?

You get granite countertops without sacrificing the quality of the rest of your kitchen remodel package

By now you may be thinking, “To get granite and a free sink, will I get inferior cabinets?” NO. This bears repeating: You get high quality kitchen cabinetry, custom designed for your kitchen. You get real wood cabinets and your choice of a dozen different doors from contemporary to country. No re-surfacing. No particle board. No sacrifice in quality in order to get the best available kitchen counters.

Granite is one of the easiest to clean materials available – resistant to stains and far easier to care for than plastic laminate. Have you ever seen plastic laminate after a few years in a family kitchen?


Benefits of Granite Countertops


We customize your kitchen, including granite countertops, for one low price: $14,999


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