Kitchen Measuring Tips to Know Before You Go!

Ensure Accuracy:  You’ll need a tape measure, paper, and a straight edge.

Measure Clockwise:  It’s easier to record the overall length of each wall by working to your right

around the room.  Pretend you are on the ceiling looking down on your kitchen. 

Get the Width and the Height:  Take horizontal measurements (width) of walls, doors and windows. Then take vertical measurements (height) of the ceiling, doors and windows.  When measuring the doors and windows, always include the trim around these in the measurement.

Bring Your Specifications:  We’ll need the specifications of all of your appliances you plan on using in the kitchen, including wall ovens, range or cooktop, dishwasher, and refrigerator.  Specifications in-clude the appliance dimensions, cut-out specifications and model numbers.

Take some pictures: Pictures help us look at your space and see how the kitchen is laid out. 

Make an Appointment:  Call and make an appointment with one of our Kitchen Designers and we’ll get you one step closer to making your dream kitchen a reality


3 Steps To Measuring Your Kitchen







Accurate measurements of your existing kitchen are essential to planning your new kitchen. With these measurements your designer will be able to help you create your dream kitchen.



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Floor Plan

Using the example measuring procedure illustrated for each kitchen layout below as a guide, carefully prepare a simple floor plan of your existing kitchen. Your completed floor plan should resemble your kitchen using the diagrams shown. Make sure you show the exact locations of doors, sinks and  windows.

Measuring Procedure

Using a tape measure and graph paper if available, measure your kitchen as illustrated. Make sure you measure from the cabinet and not from the wall.

Straight Kitchen Layout Measurement Example

Straight Kitchen Measurement


Galley Kitchen Layout Measurement Example

Galley Kitchen Measurement


L-Shape Kitchen Layout Measurement Example

L Shape Kitchen Measurement


G-Shape Kitchen Layout Measurement Example

G Shape Kitchen Measurement


U-Shape Kitchen Layout Measurement Example

U Shape Kitchen Measurement